About Us

Inspiration Preschool is a state licensed preschool caring for children ages 3 years through the start of Kindergarten.We are conveniently located on 20th street just east of Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood, CO. Our teachers are educated in early childhood development and licensed childcare providers.

Lakewood kids outdoor play center

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational, and secure environment for children. We strive to instill in each child a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity.

We are an exploratory school with a family atmosphere, and personal touch. We focus our studies on nature and the arts, social skills, kinesthetic awareness and academics through active and imaginative play. We provide a developmentally appropriate program which nurtures skill progression for the whole child: physical, behavioral, linguistic, social, emotional, and cognitive. Our curriculum and daily schedule are thoughtfully planned and structured with elements of free exploration, directionally guided activities and spontaneity included.


Our Staff

Shea Gibbons Miller – Owner, Director

I have held many jobs in the fields of education, some more glamorous than others! Ski school instructor, Kindercare classroom teacher, home preschool provider…I love the excitement of discovery found in preschoolers.

Working in the field prompted my dreaming about the type of program I would like to implement if given the opportunity. Many years later I give to you – Inspiration Preschool!  I am so proud of the philosophy, educational model and experiences that make our school the place of inspiration that we have here.  I welcome each on of you to our school. May you be inspired by your children and their daily discoveries.


Interested in meeting teachers, touring our facility or enrolling?
Contact Inspiration Preschool today at (720)542-3830 or email us at info@inspirationpreschool.com