Our Program

Denver Preschool ThanksgivingOur program is rooted in nature and fostered within the Reggio Emilia Approach. We have a solid commitment to providing high quality care and education for young children. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and child directed to meet the ever changing needs and interests of your child. Inspiration Preschool provides a very small student/teacher ratio allowing for more one-on-one attention. Focusing on one child at a time allowing teachers to examine both their strengths and their areas of need in order to customize an individual program for each child.

What Is Reggio Emilia?

At Inspiration Preschool, Reggio Emilia means our curriculum’s projects emerge from the child’s own ideas and the collaboration with other students and teachers. Children actively participate in a variety of challenging and interesting experiences. We respect the natural rhythms of children and honor moments of engagement and curiosity. We encourage flexibility and adapt our plans to accommodate each child’s particular educational needs.

Early Childhood Art Education in Denver


The creativity and imagination within your child will be expressed in the creation of masterpieces. Daily and weekly art exercises help to express your child’s imagination, explore new artistic talents and have fun with their peers.

Exploration Centers

Exploration centers provide time and space for children to select areas of personal interest to explore. This may be done as an individual activity or with a small group of friends. Opportunities include block play, dramatic arts center, writing table, easel painting, manipulative activities, and sensory experiences.

photoBook Nook

In our library children are provided with time to browse and select books of particular interest, share story time with other children, learn about featured authors and discover the elements that make a book.

Music and Movement

We encourage the exploration of sound rhythms and the movement of the body throughout daily music and movement times. Children naturally find joy in what they can do with their bodies, and this is a wonderful class for the discovery of kinetics and sound. Our outdoor Sound Garden inspires music individually and collectively.

Outdoor Play

Lakewood childrens climbing center and playground Outdoor play is a priority and all children will have an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors at least twice a day, weather not prohibiting. This is a necessary component of the development of gross motor skills, aerobic exercise and instilling a love of nature in each child.


Even our youngest students benefit from yoga. The stretching of the body, the teaching of breathing exercises, the value of attaining calming skills and the continued message of the importance of good health provides our children with the foundation of skills that promote wellness on a myriad of levels.

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